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Band-aid - Matsuoka Rin x Reader
Today was supposed to be like all the others. Same boring classes, same boring teachers, and the same, glorious boyfriend.
Matsuoka Rin.
As the last bell rang, you followed your routine. Went to your locker, and headed straight for the Samezuka Academy pool to watch Rin practice.
Little did you know that today was going to be just a bit out of routine.
* * *
When you arrived, your boyfriend had just gotten changed and left the locker room. He strided over to you, gave you a large embrace and that toothy smile, huskily whispering in your ear, “You up for dinner after practice?”
“Food is food, Rin.” Your eyes sparkled.
It was 3 PM.
Rin swam.
It was 4 PM.
Rin still swam. You checked Twitter.
It was 5 PM.
Rin was still swimming. You waved goodbye to Nitori and Momo who were leaving.
It was 6 PM.
Rin swam. Your stomach grumbled.
Then came 7 PM, when you could no longer deal with the ravenous desires that had overcome your body.
“RIIIIIIN,” you moan
:iconhotstud6969:hotstud6969 293 55
Makoto x Self Harming Reader (Request)
Makoto x Self Harming Reader (Request)
This is story for xClerithFan1x 
The sound of drops of blood hitting the cold tile floor echoed through the bathroom.  You didn’t even flinch as you added another stripe of red to your wrist, followed by one more to each hip and several along each ridge of your collar bone. Lines of blood dripped down your body creating the oddest mixture of sensations, filling the air with a metallic scent. You weren’t worried about bleeding out or anything, the cuts weren’t deep enough for that. You didn’t want to die after all. You just needed a way to control all the pain and emotions you held inside and this seemed like the best way to do it. You make eye contact with yourself in the mirror and glance over body feeling noth
:iconceader43:Ceader43 290 37
Eren x Reader - Bleach, Old Spice, and Juicy Fruit
To: [First] [Last]
From : Marco Bodt

We're here (:
To: Marco Bodt
From : [First] [Last]

Alright. Be down in a minute
To: [First] [Last]
From : Marco Bodt

And so it began.
You didn't get up from the bed immediately. Your eyes blankly bore into space, your shoulders sagged as if a great weight had been placed on them, and you drew in a deep, cleansing breath through your nose. Crap, you were just so not ready for this. Not at all. You held it in for about five seconds then you let it out through your mouth, nodded once for yourself before heading out of your bedroom.
After making it down the steps without tripping over your not-q
:iconmiss-vero:miss-vero 284 58
Marco X Reader - Freckles and All
In your training class, you graduated nineteenth. Nineteenth. Or in other words, not only did you epically fail at making it into the elite top ten, you got to kiss your dream of joining the Military Police goodbye. The majority of your friends died during the operation to retake Trost, half of them being killed before your very eyes, including a dear childhood friend. The 'success' of the operation didn't soften the blow. You weren't entirely sure how it happened or what came over you in that moment, but Jean Kirschtein, the boy who once preached and raved it was practically suicide, convinced you and several of your classmates to join the godforsaken Scouting Legion. And on top of all of that, in the morning you'll leave the safety of the walls to embark on an expedition, which means you'll come face-to-face to those monsters again. It won't even be a real expedition; it was to be a practice run for the nex
:iconmiss-vero:miss-vero 184 52
You're Mine {MarcoxReader} [Modern!AU] *RQ*
Marco's eyes surveyed the quad in front of him, it was heaving with students who were walking to their classes, or just meeting up with friends and as far as he could see, none of them were you. He hoped you weren't mad, he was a little late afterall but it hadn't been his fault, his class had let out ten minutes later than it was supposed to have done, it was beyond his control. You were here somewhere, obviously you would be because you'd picked the meeting place and you had that kind of irritating habit of turning up everywhere at least ten minutes early.
But you weren't on the bench where you usually sat, which meant that you'd probably wondered off to talk to someone.
Hopefully you'd run into one of your friends and were somewhere in the sea of people happily chatting to them. Yeah, Marco had to believe that was what was going on because he needed to ignore the reality – that you were probably deep in conversation with a member of the Lacrosse team again. Just like you were
:iconstevie-writes:stevie-writes 169 53
Freckles {MarcoxReader} [Modern!AU]
[[There's a couple of spoilers from recent chapters in here, so be careful.]]
You sighed, your eyes flickering up to the clock on the wall, one more time to add to the countless amount you'd looked in the past hour, but hey, another two minutes had passed. Your eyes fell from the clock to your phone laying on the couch next to you and even though you knew you'd have heard it if anything had come through, you checked that too. No missed calls, no new texts. This wasn't like him at all and honestly, you were starting to feel a little bit worried now.
You reached a hand out to the snacks you'd prepared and laid on the coffee table and shoved a pretzel in your mouth as you tried to make sense of it all – why exactly was he so late? You'd been worried – really worried – all week because in just under a week you had a huge Math text and you just... weren't that good at Math and you couldn't afford to fail. Your good friend Marco had taken pity on you and b
:iconstevie-writes:stevie-writes 78 34
[doodles] Jearmin by rainbuni [doodles] Jearmin :iconrainbuni:rainbuni 401 64
freckles. || Marco x Reader
"Marco," You giggled, "Stop moving!"
How you got into the current situation with the freckled boy was unknown, but you didn't really care. Right now, you were wrapped up in your boyfriend's warm arms and peering into his face.
"fifteen… sixteen… seventeen… wait, didn't I count that one?"
Marco let out a small puff of air, and closed his eyes. "C'mon, (y/n), you've been at this for the past half an hour!"
"Give me a few more minutes, I'm almost done, I promise."
"Fine," Marco sighed. Why he agreed to letting you count his freckles in the fist place, he'll never know. "But... do you have to be so close to my face? It makes me feel… self conscious..." He mumbled, a red tinge apparent on his face.
"Marco, you're perfect. There's no need to be so self conscious! Besides, I can't count them – let alone see them – if I'm far away. " You retorted. "Now, hold still."
And he did.
At least, he tried to. He couldn't help it. You were inches away from
:iconmacaronz:Macaronz 524 92
APH-In Soviet Russia... by koookeees APH-In Soviet Russia... :iconkoookeees:koookeees 2,099 148 Attack On Index Cards by Kay-land Attack On Index Cards :iconkay-land:Kay-land 189 66
Entwined || Attack on Titan - jeanmarco
Word Count: 1296 words
Notes: So I started writing this because I was in bad mood and wanted to cheer myself up by writing some silly fluff, and since jeanmarco is my most recent otp this happened! As I continued writing I kept getting ideas so the little drabble turned into a oneshot.
This is my first SnK fic so I hope I didn’t get anyone too out of character. Enjoy!
Warning! Lot’s of snuggles and fluff!
The constant shuffling of sheets woke Marco from his deep slumber. He groaned as he slowly opened his eyes, and looked over to the source of the noise. Though it was dark, he could make out the shape of Jean, tossing and turning over and over as if he couldn't find a comfortable position.
''Jean?'' He mumbled, rubbing his right eye as he yawned. ''Are you okay?''
The other male froze and lifted his gaze to meet Marco's. He frowned for a moment, hesitating, before quickly apologizing. ''Yeah, I'm fine. Did I wake you up?'' He whispered, not wanting to interrupt anybody else
:iconlovelylina:LovelyLina 70 28
Mistletoe [JeanMarco fluff]
Jean was convinced that he hated everything. Everything was pointless, and everyone was stupid. No one understood. Well, apart from him . He wasn’t quite sure what he was, but he wasn’t like the rest.
   It was Christmas day - a pointless celebration of showing love and kindness to friends and family. Why they celebrated it instead of training, Jean did not know. Frankly, he’d rather be doing tough training than having to watch Eren’s smug face across the table as he sat next to Mikasa. God, she was hot.
   All the trainees sat at the table, eating more food than most of them had ever seen, but that wasn’t the point. Jean felt lonely. Everyone had a friend to be kind to them; he didn’t have a single one. He grimly ate a scrap of turkey, glancing around at the table. Yes, everyone had a friend.
   Beside him sat Sasha who was eating literally all of the food, he didn’t particularly want to
:iconjedi-solo:Jedi-Solo 10 1
When I win an argument by cosenza987 When I win an argument :iconcosenza987:cosenza987 1,156 218


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Making Comissions! All will be done in MS Paint

Will do Homestuck, Hetalia, OC's, pairings, etc.

I will like to see the Points first!

Headshots - 5 points each, 5 more for coloring, and 10 more for Backrounds.

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Full body - 10 points each, 10 more for coloring, and 15 more for backrounds

10 requests at a time!

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I think I might just keep it up for the hell of it.

I have a tumblr now, and that one friend I was talking about has been in contact with me for some time now.

Eh, that other other friend still hasn't contacted with me, and I'm still pretty torn up about it, but whatever, y'know

Uh, so yea

Imma just keep this up in case any friends wanna talk to me again, if you even remember me.

See ya nerds (ily)
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